McConnell Inn today – beautifully restored to its original grandeur.

The McConnell Inn is named for its original owner, John McConnell, who built the home for his family residence. It was completed, after two years of construction, in 1900. When the tradesmen who crafted the woodwork and leaded glass passed away, per the rules of their trade guilds, the plans and tools that they used were destroyed. The original painters signed their work on a beam in the third floor, which guests can view today.

Over the years, the house was bought and sold several times. At one point it was used as a rooming house. Then, in the 1970's, several Ripon College students bought the home and it became known locally as the "Men's Club"

We bought the McConnell Inn in 1985 and opened it as a Bed and Breakfast in June, 1986. We knew from the very start that this home would make an ideal and very cozy B & B. Within our first six months, we renovated the interior, from new plumbing to refinishing woodwork to hanging wall paper. We have refurbished this Green Lake landmark to its Victorian grandeur – including preserving the leather wainscoting in the dining room, the hand-tooled parquet floors in the foyer and formal parlor and all of the original leaded windows.

The Inn's exterior has been rejuvenated by stripping-off over a dozen layers of old paint and repainting in historical colors. The Inn is one of the very few of its kind remaining in Green Lake. Throughout the renovations, we have taken great care to ensure that the original design was not ltered, but stands as a reminder of a very affluent past. Of course, we are always making minor improvements to meet the changing needs of our guests, including the addition of Jacuzzis and fireplaces.